Evinrude 90HP Pontoon Series

new evinrude 90hp pontoon series


The only outboards designed specifically for pontoons.Available in 90 HP and 115 HP.


All of the benefits of an Evinrude E-TEC tuned specifically for pontoons. Our Pontoon Series engines deliver greater thrust, reduce vibration for a smoother, quieter ride, and make your pontoon easier to own.


  • The E-TEC technology will pull skiers out of the water with impressive low end torque, but is also quiet and incredibly fuel efficient, making it as good for cruising as it is for tow sports.


  • Extend your boating season, versus having to take care of your outboard. Like all Evinrude E-TEC engines, the Pontoon Series features no-break in, auto-winterization, and 3 years, or 300 hours no dealer-scheduled maintenance.


  • A key to good pontoon performance is getting a pontoon loaded with passengers to maneuver around easily. The optimized gear ratios and unique software mapping of the Pontoon Series provides quicker acceleration, improved throttle response and more stopping power.


  • Pontoons are apt to more vibration than a comparable v-hull boat, so we developed softer rubber motor mounts to reduces vibration, giving pontoon owners a smoother and more enjoyable pontooning experience.


  • Pontoon Series engines offer an external oil tank for easier access for re-filling. With a combined oil capacity of up to 2.25 gallons, the time between fill ups can be extended by more than two years for the average pontoon user.

Evinrude 115HP HO E-Tec

INSTANT THROTTLE RESPONSE: Every revolution is a power stroke. That means twice the power stroke of a four-stroke. Plus, the lightning-fast microprocessor is the “brain” of the engine. It delivers the perfect fuel mix instantly to the combustion chamber for immediate response, to get you to your destination before anyone else. MORE AVAILABLE AMPERAGE: All Evinrude E-TEC engines have bigger alternators providing nearly twice the available amperage of competitive engines. Avoid lights dimming out when you need it most and maximize charging for all your accessories. WORRY-FREE MAINTENANCE: No break-in period and no oil changes. No dealer-scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 300 hours. MORE MILES PER HOUR: Get even more extra miles per hour with the Straight Leading Edge gearcase. The SLE gearcase features high-efficiency water pickups and a weed-slicing shape up front, for a cooler-running engine and ultimate reliability in the long run. AUTO-STORAGE: The auto storage feature fogs the engines itself in minutes, with no trip to the dealer. An Evinrude E-TEC engine doesn’t require belts, camshafts or exhaust valves, which means there are fewer parts to wear down or malfunction than a four-stroke outboard. Extend the life of your outboard and your boating season. HIGH OUTPUT SERIES: The Evinrude E-TEC H.O. series are performance engines to the max. Each engine is tuned for extra power and speed. If you like pushing limits in horsepower, speed and torque, then consider our High Output Series.