Lund 1875 Pro V Bass


One of the newest members of the Lund lineup is the 1875 Pro V Bass fishing boat. It’s a versatile bass and musky (muskie) aluminum fishing boat that comes in a bench seating configuration. With larger front and rear casting decks, industry leading rod storage, and a dual console option, the 1875 Pro V Bass provides maximum stability and fishability in the aluminum bass boat market.

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Lund 1400 Fury SS

The Lund 1400 Fury SS has the tenacity of their big brothers, all in a small fishing boat. Dual side stepped rod storage, aerated livewell, a large bow casting deck and either a tiller or side console option provide the ultimate convenience in a small fishing boat.

Lund 2075 Tyee Sport

When quality is demanded, the 2075 Tyee delivers the ultimate comfort, style, and performance in a 20’ aluminum fishing boat. Setting the new standard for big water fishing, the Tyee is the premier fishing boat in the industry.

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Lund 1975 Tyee

New For 2020 The 1975 Tyee delivers the ultimate comfort, style, and performance in a 19’ aluminum fishing boat. Designed for the serious angler who also has recreational boat needs for the family, this boat has something for everyone. From the in-floor rod locker to the ski pylon option, this premium aluminum fishing boat is unmatched in the industry.

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Lund 1875 Tyee

New For 2020 The 1875 Tyee delivers the ultimate comfort, style, and performance in an 18’ aluminum fishing boat. Designed as a serious fishing boat with two livewells, in-floor rod locker and side rod locker, the 1875 Tyee is one of the premier fishing models in the Lund line-up. It also converts to the perfect family fish and ski boat with a conversion front deck, rear flip seats, and a ski pylon option.

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Lund 1400 Fury Tiller

The 1400 Lund Fury aluminum fishing boat comes with either a side console or tiller fishing boat layout. Features include dual side rod storage areas, aerated livewell, and a large bow casting deck. The 1400 Fury provides the ultimate convenience and power in a smaller sized 14’ 9” fishing boat. The fury is built with Lund’s traditional quality and designed for maximum fishability and affordability.

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Lund 1600 Fury SS


When quality is demanded, yet working with a narrower budget, the 1600 Fury is the perfect affordable 16’ fishing boat. The 1600 Lund Fury comes in either a tiller or side console model. This 16-foot aluminum fishing boat has the core fishing features all anglers have come to expect in a Lund fishing boat. Fishing features include dual side rod storage, aerated livewell, and a large bow casting deck.

*All prices are in US Dollars and do not include dealer freight, prep, tariffs, fees, taxes and registration. Prices listed are intended only as a guideline and are subject to change. Dealer sets the final purchase price.

Lund 2075 Pro Guide


Built with traditional Lund quality, the Lund 2075 Pro Guide tiller aluminum fishing boat has it all. This 20 foot plus tiller fishing boat comes with every fishing feature imaginable including two-rod storage compartments and an at-your-fingertips command console that stores your tackle trays and electronics. Designed by some of the most hardcore fishermen at Lund, this boat will not disappoint

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Popular Options
Seating and Boat Layout Retail
AirRide Pedestal Uprade for 1 Pilots/2 ProRide Seats (100-4963) $209
Flooring-Complete Carpet Floor (10-388) N/C
Flooring-Complete Vinyl (10-389) N/C
Flooring-Vinyl Main (10-390) N/C
Pedestal-AirRide Upgrade (100-3795) $343
Seat-1 Additional Pro Ride Seat w/AirRide Pedestal (100-788) $459
Seat-1 Additional ProRide W/Solid Pedestal (100-786) $360
Seat-Bike Seat  w/AirRide Pedestal (100-1513) $332
Seat-Pilots Chair Upgrade Starboard (100-1528) $477
On Board Storage and Convenience Retail
Cooler-Softside (24 Can) (100-4626) $65
Drink Cup Holder - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3900) $23
Sport Trak Accessory- Rod Holder - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3887) $33
Sport Trak Accessory-2 Pk Rod Holder Extensions - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3908) $33
Sport Trak Accessory-Down Rigger Bracket (one) (100-1636) $57
Sport Trak Accessory-Multi-Function Tool Kit - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-7739) $67
Sport Trak Bracket-One (100-25369) $33
Boat Color and Graphics Retail
Color-Arctic White Freeboards/Black Bottom (10-925) N/C
Color-Arctic White Freeboards/Silver Stone Bottom (10-65) N/C
Color-Black Freeboards/Silver Stone Bottom (10-27) N/C
Color-Cobalt Blue Freeboards/Black Bottom (10-923) N/C
Color-Cobalt Blue Freeboards/Silver Stone Bottom (10-24) N/C
Color-Graphite Freeboards/Black Bottom (10-927) N/C
Color-Graphite Metallic Freeboards/Silver Stone Bottom (10-29) N/C
Color-Lund Red Freeboards/Black Bottom (10-922) N/C
Color-Lund Red Freeboards/Silver Stone Bottom (10-21) N/C
Color-Monochromatic Black w/Clear Coat w/Blackkout Graphics Only) (10-162) $348
Color-Monochromatic Red W/Clearcoat W/Blackout Graphics (10-937) $348
Color-Monochromatic White W/Clearcoat W/Blackout Graphics (10-980) $348
Graphic-Premium Edition Graphics w/Silver/Chrome Lund (100-11104) $733
Graphic-Premium Edition w/Chrome Red Lund (100-5140) $733
Graphic-Premium Edition w/Chrome-Black Lund (100-926) $733
Graphic-Raised Black Chrome Lund on Freeboards (100-11773) $363
Graphic-Raised Chrome Lund on Freeboards (100-8262) $363
Graphic-Raised Red Lund on Freeboards (100-4708) $363
Gauges, Electronics and Chargers Retail
36 Volt Upgrade (100-1732) $43
Bow Trolling Motor Harness w/Plug (100-3021) $151
Onboard Charger-2 and 3 bank Pro Series Chargers (100-3059) $1,233
Onboard Charger-2 bank Pro Series (100-3060) $517
Onboard Charger-2 bank Recreational Series (100-3061) $292
Onboard Charger-3 bank Pro Series (100-3062) $715
Onboard Charger-3 Bank Recreational Series (100-3063) $409
Onboard Charger-4 bank Sportmans Series (100-3064) $792
Stereo-Kicker KMC1 w/2 Speakers (100-3166) $393
Stereo-Premium Rockford Fosgate stereo w/2 speakers (100-1761) $504
Upgrade to Total Scan Transducer - Carbon Locators Only (100-9878) $189
Canvas and Covers Retail
Bimini Top (100-1962) $800
Bow Rock Guard (100-3137) $476
Deduct Transhield Cover (100-30404) -$173
Travel Cover (100-1930) $932
General Options Retail
2 Step Strap Ladder -Port Side (100-7717) $52
2 Step Strap Ladder-Starboard Side (100-8557) $52
Bait Staition - Bow Deck Mounted (100-3889) $209
Fire Extinguisher (100-5912) $53
Ladder Mounted On Port Side (100-5264) N/C
Ladder Mounted On Starboard Side (100-5263) N/C
Lund Ruler with Mounting Clips (Dealer Installed) (100-10790) $45
Tackle Tray Storage (100-4368) $184
Washdown System (100-25342) $351
Engine Options




Lund 2000 Alaskan SS

There’s a reason avid outdoorsmen and hunters love the Alaskan fishing and hunting boat; it can handle the toughest waters mother nature can dish out. The 20’ Alaskan comes in a tiller, side console, or full windshield boat. There’s even a fall marsh or camo wetlands package to serve as the perfect goose or duck hunting boat. The 20’ Lund Alaskan will get you your prized walleye, musky (muskie), and bass too.