Lund 1600 Rebel Tiller


When you demand quality, but you’re still working within a budget, the 1600 Lund Rebel is the perfect 16-foot fishing boat. Available in either a tiller or side console model, this 16’ aluminum fishing boat has all the fishing features you’ve come to expect from a Lund fishing boat. Features include dual side rod storage areas, aerated livewell, large bow casting deck and the Lund SportTrak accessory mounting system.

Lay Out

Popular Options
Kickers, Rigging, Steering, and Trolling Retail
Big Tiller Handle for 40-50-60 elpt (100-1599) $1,165
Big Tiller Handle Rpm Adjuster (100-4614) $88
Engine-Primary-Factory Rig (100-30215) $447
Engine-Primary-Pick Up at Factory (100-4085) N/C
Engine-Primary-Ship Not Installed (100-69) N/C
Prop-Deduct Standard Prop (100-1029) -$148
Prop-Standard Aluminum Prop (100-1022) N/C
Trailers Retail
Deduct Trailer (100-30679) -$1,260
Bunk Trailer Lundguard Black (Default) (100-3184) N/C
Bunk Trailer Galvanized (100-3178) $310
Roller Trailer Lundguard Black (100-3180) $324
Roller Trailer Galvanized (100-3179) $604
Trailer Accessories Retail
Trailer Accessory-Load Guides  - Lundguard (Black) (100-2422) $68
Trailer Accessory-Load Guides - Galvanized (100-2424) $88
Trailer Accessory-Spare Tire - (Black Lundguard) (100-3183) $145
Trailer Accessory-Spare Tire - Galvanized (100-3182) $156
Seating and Boat Layout Retail
Flooring-Complete Vinyl (10-547) N/C
Flooring-Vinyl Main (10-546) N/C
Seat-1 Additional Standard w/Solid Pedestal (100-784) $251
Seat-2 Additional Standard Seats w/Solid Pedestals (100-790) $497
Seat-Bike Seat  w/AirRide Pedestal (100-1513) $332
On Board Storage and Convenience Retail
Cooler-Softside (100-4626) $65
Drink Cup Holder - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3900) $17
Sport Trak Accessory- Rod Holder - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3887) $13
Sport Trak Accessory-2 Pk Rod Holder Extensions - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-3908) $47
Sport Trak Accessory-Multi-Function Tool Kit - Requires Sport Trak Bracket (100-7739) $67
Sport Trak Bracket-One (100-25369) $33
Boat Color and Graphics Retail
Color-Arctic White Freeboards (10-67) N/C
Color-Black Freeboards (10-12) N/C
Color-Cobalt Blue Freeboards (10-9) N/C
Color-Graphite Metallic Freeboards (10-20) $400
Color-Lund Red Freeboards (10-8) N/C
Gauges, Electronics and Chargers Retail
Bow Trolling Motor Harness w/Plug (100-3830) $109
Onboard Charger-2 bank Recreational Series (100-3061) $292
Canvas and Covers Retail
Transhield Cover (100-3791) $165
Travel Cover (100-1930) $813
General Options Retail
Auto Bilge Pump Option (100-3242) $41
Fire Extinguisher (100-5912) $53
Fuel Tank 6 gallon Portable w/Fuel Hose (100-10683) $251
Engine Options




*All prices are in US Dollars and do not include dealer freight, prep, tariffs, fees, taxes and registration. Prices listed are intended only as a guideline and are subject to change. Dealer sets the final purchase price.