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ShoreLand’r roller trailers offer the best performance at the ramp. Their easy Roll-on, Roll-off Design offer very stress-free drive-on, drive-off launching and loading. The specially designed rollers work with the patented EquiLoad system providing more degrees of freedom and the ultimate in boat hull support. During loading, they automatically self-adjust for easier centering, even in strong currents and rough winds.

Many people choose this style for use at shallow ramps, so they will not need to back into the water as far.

Whether you’ve got a 12’ fishing boat or a whopping 35′ cruiser weighing up to 15,000 pounds, from simple to luxury custom, ShoreLand’r has you covered!

All you want to do is get in and get out… and look like a pro doing it. That’s precisely why ShoreLand’r trailers have an innovative support system, engineered to take the hassle out of launching and loading.

ShoreLand’r goes above and beyond the competition in a number of key areas. It all adds up to a trailer you can depend on year in and year out. Get the most out of every weekend and every summer vacation.

Advanced protection for your boat

One of the most important duties of a trailer is to protect your boat when it’s out of its element. ShoreLand’r does it with welded Uni-frame construction that provides maximum strength and less flex to ensure longer trailer life. Enclosed, Custom Molded Fenders protect your boat from road debris. Protective Pads on all cross-members protect the boat keel if contact is made during loading.

Easier Maintenance

Grease-Pack Hubs and Bearing Protectors create positive pressure to keep water and contaminants out. This prolongs bearing life and prevent breakdowns, without the hassle of oil-bath systems.

Superior Finish

Whether you choose our beautiful powder-coat finish or rugged galvanized, you’ll appreciate the extra care we put into making sure your trailer looks good for the long haul.

Safety First

You need a trailer that is equipped to protect both your family and your boat in an emergency. ShoreLand’r doesn’t take any chances, featuring Disc Brakes to ensure you have the smooth stopping power you need. DOT approved lighting keeps your boat visible at night. Heavy-duty Double Safety Chains keep the trailer secured to your tow vehicle. A Bow Eye Safety Chain keeps your boat on the trailer if the winch fails. Your safety is our first priority. Period.



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