Mercury 25 EFI
Model: Mercury
Fuel: Gasoline
Year: 2019
Cond: New
HP:  25
Boat Make: NA
Boat Model: NA
Engine Make: Mercury
Engine: 4 Stroke EFI
Status: In Stock
Transom Height: 15in or 20in
Motor Weight: 157 lbs
Condition: New
Steering Type: Tiller or Remote
Trailer Style: NA
Propulsion Type: Single Outboard
Engine Warranty: 3 YR
5 Trim positions and shallow Water Drive Maximizes hull performance.
Automatic Reverse Lock User friendly design.
CD Ignition No maintenance - quick reliable starts.
Dual Water Inlets Insures proper cooling for all key powerhead & gearcase components.
F-N-R Shift Easy maneuverability.
High Output Alternator 15 Amps provides superior battery charging capability.
Industry-Leading Battery Free EFI Turn-key starting and a quicker throttle response with no carburetors to gum up. Also available on rope start models. Dependability with efficiency!
Lightweight At 157 lbs. it’s one of the lightest in its class.
Low Oil Pressure Warning System Alerts operator for peace of mind.
Multi Function Tiller Handle Controls steering, shift, throttle, tilting and stop functions.
Multi-Function Tiller handle Offers one-hand operation and total control over shifting, throttle, steering, engine stop, throttle friction and tilting. Better maneuverability and ease of use!
Over-rev Protection Consumer confidence.
Powerful 3 Cylinder Design Provides better inherent balance for smoother overall operation than a twin cylinder requiring a counter balancer. Performance with smooth, quiet overall operation!
Thermostatically Controlled Water Cooling Consistent operating temperatures.
Through Prop Exhaust Quiet smoke free operation.
Tiller or Remote Models Fits many applications.
Tuned Cowl Induction Best in class quiet operations.
Water Cooled Fuel Cooler Minimizes vapor lock and hot fuel issues. Offers long term reliability.